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The first recorded mention of a Baptist Church in Fairfield was in September 1855. No pastor was named, but the church claimed eighteen members.

In 1864 the church membership had grown to 85, and George Washington Baines became pastor. He served from 1864-1866, as noted on the historical marker at the church. The late Reverend W.R. Miller was the first full time pastor, serving from 1935 to 1942. Pastors since then have been Edgar Parker 1942, E.K. Shepherd 1943-45, Ben L. Stohler 1946-50, M.A. Sanderford 1951-52, Virgil A. Fielden 1952-53, John V. Terry 1954-55, Preston Taylor 1958-60, S. Downey Mills 1960-62, James E. Bishop1962-65, Bob Parker 1965-69, Jack H. Smith 1969-73, Michael K. Haynes 1973-74, Thomas E. Hiser 1974-89, W.I. (Bill) Thomas 1989-92, Johnny Dammon 1992-99,  Mack Roller from 2000-07, and Ken Pruitt 2008-present

At a church conference on March 30, 1892, the building committee reported that there had been an expenditure for materials for $1,767.75 for the recently completed church building. Until this time, the members of the Baptist Church had worshipped in a church building under the supervision of the Cumberland Presbyterians.

There was no mention of a Baptist church or the maintenance of a building until the beginning of a subscription building fund in November of 1890. A church building was constructed in 1891 on the northeast corner of Lot 4, Block 2 on land donated by W.T. Watson. The church has now acquired all of Block 2.

During the business conference in 1911, it was decided that the old church building should be torn down and a new one built. The new building was completed in April 1912, and was used until the construction of a new building in 1948, at the cost of $17,000. Dedication services were held in October 1949. This building now serves as Sunday school rooms and Fellowship Hall.

The first parsonage was built in 1935 for $1,500. This building was sold and moved in 1964, and a new parsonage was completed in 1965. This Building, the "Annex", currently serves the church as Sunday school rooms, and meeting place for small group events.

In 1955, an education building was added to the church at the cost of $10,000. This serves as our nursery department. In 1971, an additional education building was constructed and the sanctuary remodeled at a cost of $100,000. In 1979, the second story of the existing education building was constructed, and half of the west side of Block 2 was paved for parking at a combined cost of $209,254.

In 1983 a new worship center was constructed on the southeast corner of Block 2, and the remaining half of the west side of the block was paved. This project’s cost was $1,565,730. Over one million dollars was “in hand” before the Ground breaking Ceremony held on December 19, 1982. The Dedication Service was on April 8, 1984, and the remaining note was paid in full November 6, 1985. From 1986-1994, all the property in the block bordered by Mount, Bradley, Keechi, and Reunion Streets were acquired, with the exception of the southwest corner property. The houses were moved and part of this area is used for parking. In 1987, the lumber yard at the corner of Bradley and Mount Streets was purchased and the building remodeled. This “Activities Building” also serves as Sunday school rooms for the youth. 

On May 18, 1997 the church approved the Long Range Planning Committee’s recommendation for the adoption of a three-phase plan: (1) A parking lot to be built on church property east of Mount Street; (2) Construction of a Christian Life Center, playground, and parking lot behind the existing church facilities. (3) Address Preschool, Nursery, and Fellowship Hall facilities. Phase 1 began in the summer of '97.