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Senior Adults

Our purpose is to bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ by serving as a model before our family and those who are part of our First Baptist family and in the community in which we live. We will strive to do this by serving others and sharing the good news of life in Christ. Although we are in the Milestone 7.three portion of the path of life we are ever in need of time with others in the study and application of the Word of God. Therefore we are committed to regular times of worship, Bible Study, and ministry.   

·         Sunday School / Small Group Bible Studies meet every Sunday morning at 9:30AM. Come join us for coffee at 9:00AM just inside the glass doors on Mount Street.

·         Keenagers –

o   Monthly Fellowship meal. Come join us and bring your favorite entre, salad, or desert for our monthly pot luck meal on the fourth Thursday of the month. It will be a fun time of fellowship and an occasional program.

o   Day trip. Keenagers take trips to interesting places where we enjoy a good meal and return home the same day; all this for a cost of $15 per person.

·         Milestone 7.three – Those 55 and older, single or married are farther down the path of life than others and have experiences and knowledge that need to be shared. In the equipping model that the Lord has shown us these experiences are being invested in the lives of those who are younger in their Life in Christ (Milestone 7) and includes some of the following ministries:

o   Mentoring – Serving as mentors of married couples, children, and youth

o   Going  – Leading and helping on mission trips and projects both home and abroad

o   Serving – Helping to serve in all areas of Body Life ministry, including nursing Home, Christian Life Center volunteer, Food preparation and service, and many other much needed ministry areas.