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CONNECT 4First Baptist Fairfield exists to extend the life changing love of Christ to our community, and beyond to the world. But, for this to be a genuine passion, we believe that our love must be clearly seen by those closest to us. Therefore, First Baptist believes that our commitment to the community is vital to sharing the love of Christ. The very first commitment in with our ministry strategy is to create “connect” points within the Body of Christ where anyone can feel connected with the truth of Christ through personally knowing and experiencing the love and embrace of those who follow Him.  Some of our “connect” points that have been in place for several years are community programs as “Upward Sports” (where we serve a tri-county area with Gospel-centered sports leagues), and a bus (van) outreach where we allow connection with children throughout our town and county to be brought in to enjoy breakfast, and hear the love of Christ on Sunday mornings.  There are annual events as the outdoor worship service held in the spring for the purpose of inviting our entire community for worship, a cookout, family-centered games, etc. The Recreation Team of First Baptist (consisting of elected members of FBC, and a pastoral liaison) are committed to such calendar events that have but one purpose: to draw everyone in to feel and experience the love of Christ through His people (His Church).

We further believe that opportunities to connect with the Body of Christ are not limited to someone visiting our church campus. FBC has for several years motivated its congregation to be in the community serving as much as possible.  The theme of this heart of service at First Baptist is simply, “Love Wins.” From involving ourselves in roles of service within our school system and athletic department, to quiet roles of service with “widows and orphans”, love truly wins as the Body of Christ obeys the heart of Christ and becomes the hands and feet of Christ.